The Importance Of Groundwork

What Is Groundwork?

Groundwork is the first stage in all construction projects and is the process which takes place before any construction or building work is undertaken. Sub-surfaces must be prepared to ensure they are safe previous to any foundations being placed. It may be that you have forestry that you wish to build on or old land, these needs be cleared and the ground prepared to hold the weight, foundations and drainage of water before any building work starts.groundwork2

Why Is Groundwork Important In All Aspects Of Construction?

Without sturdy groundwork, you are taking a high risk in terms of flooding, sinking and construction projects collapsing which in time will cause distress, wasted resources time and money for all those involved in the build.

The ground underneath your construction project is vital to the structure of your project. The earth must be safe, strong and meet national standards for insurance and safety purposes for those using it. As a legal requirement, all areas of ground must be investigated and the site inspected before any construction takes place. These assessments will then be documented and should cover areas such as ground contamination and condition, geology, hydrology soil conditions and abandoned mines.

Once you have determined that the ground is safe to build on the next stages are to install the relevant draining and foundations needed for the project.  If you are hiring a tree surgeon contractor you must ensure they have experience in this field of work and all the relevant tickets required to complete the task correctly and efficiently. A superior contractor will hold all licenses and will take control of the next stage of this project for you with ease.

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