Foot Health

There are many ways in which you can take care of your foot health to keep your feet in good condition and help prevent the problems which can be caused. These following tips will help to keep your foot health in optimum condition.

Firstly, you should wash your feet often and keep them as clean as possible. In order to do this, you should wash your feet in soapy, warm water. However, we advise you not to soak your feet as you then may destroy your skins natural’s oils. When you have thoroughly washed them, ensure you dry them well, especially in places like in between your toes. This is because this is where infections can develop such as athlete’s foot.


Once you have completely dried your feet, you may want to use a foot file to remove all of the hard skin but do not overdue this as you could damage the skin underneath. Afterwards, apply moisturiser all over both feet. However, we do not advise that you put this cream in between your toes.

Afterwards, you should trim your toenails, but you should do this regularly anyway. This should be carried out with proper nail clippers and cut straight across. You should never cut your toenails at an angle or down the edges as this can cause an ingrown toenail.

However, if you carry out this foot health process and you still develop foot problems, you should contact your local podiatrist.

Please note: It is essential that you have your feet checked by a professional regularly such as a GP or podiatrist if you have either a health condition that affects your feet. These conditions may include diabetes, poor circulation or even a low immune system.